Feelin’ the love

Well we are close to the end (well really the beginning) and are feelin’ the love.  I (Becky) has finished work and Jason wraps things up this Friday.  Last week, we were blessed with a wonderful going away party put on by our friends Brenna & Pat (pizza truck was the BOMB!) and enjoyed some good times with all our friends.  My brother Josh was able to come and visit and spend time with us before he takes off for Maui (yes, he just got a job RIGHT out of college working at the Maui Four Seasons – family discount anyone?).  Today my parents from Boise and Jason’s mom from Phoenix arrived to help coordinate the final details. 

As the trip quickly approaches, everything is falling into place.  Copies of documents are being made, the house is in shambles as we pack and sort and money is be transfered to make sure it is all in the correct place.  We are ready.

I have to wrap up this posting with a quick mention of our new friends The World Effect, we randomly stumbled across their blog while doing research (if you ever plan a trip like this, you will realize how fun and exciting that becomes), and found out they are from Denver.  At the time we found their blog, they were still on the road and making their way around a similar route we are taking.  After further investigation, we found out they lived right around the corner from us!  After finding that out, we had to reach out to them and when they returned (which was just last week) we were able to connect for a drink.  Thank you Beau and Meggan for your tips, insight and converstaion as fellow RTW travelers, we appreciate all you had to share with us.  Check out their blog, they take great pictures and are now starting a business to incorporate their traveling lifestyle.


Final Countdown

So we only have 25 more days left here in Denver and it all is feeling very “real” now.  When you talk and plan something for so long, the final date kind of sneaks up on you. We are very ready though and are both slowly transitioning out of work.  My last day is next Friday 6/11/10 and Jason’s is the following week 6/18/10.  Jason hired (he is in HR so he does some of the hiring) his replacement last week, she starts today I believe, and my replacement, Alison, has slowly been working into my accounts over the last month or so.   So far all those details have fallen into place really well.

We have already started organizing and packing some items as we can.  We are having a big garage sale next weekend to sell off most of our stuff and as we sort through that, we are trying to box up things we are currently not using and can live without for the next few weeks.  Jason’s boss, Maggie, has offered to store all of our items in her basement for free, which is a huge cost savings for us.  Last night we took our first round of bins and boxes over there.  Thank you Maggie!  Maggie and some of Jason’s other co-workers also deserve a mention here because last week while attending a Rockies baseball game, this sign below scrolled across the billboard after ever inning. What a wonderful send off from Jason’s work, it was definitely one of the coolest things anyone has ever done!

Billboard at Rockies Game