Feelin’ the love

Well we are close to the end (well really the beginning) and are feelin’ the love.  I (Becky) has finished work and Jason wraps things up this Friday.  Last week, we were blessed with a wonderful going away party put on by our friends Brenna & Pat (pizza truck was the BOMB!) and enjoyed some good times with all our friends.  My brother Josh was able to come and visit and spend time with us before he takes off for Maui (yes, he just got a job RIGHT out of college working at the Maui Four Seasons – family discount anyone?).  Today my parents from Boise and Jason’s mom from Phoenix arrived to help coordinate the final details. 

As the trip quickly approaches, everything is falling into place.  Copies of documents are being made, the house is in shambles as we pack and sort and money is be transfered to make sure it is all in the correct place.  We are ready.

I have to wrap up this posting with a quick mention of our new friends The World Effect, we randomly stumbled across their blog while doing research (if you ever plan a trip like this, you will realize how fun and exciting that becomes), and found out they are from Denver.  At the time we found their blog, they were still on the road and making their way around a similar route we are taking.  After further investigation, we found out they lived right around the corner from us!  After finding that out, we had to reach out to them and when they returned (which was just last week) we were able to connect for a drink.  Thank you Beau and Meggan for your tips, insight and converstaion as fellow RTW travelers, we appreciate all you had to share with us.  Check out their blog, they take great pictures and are now starting a business to incorporate their traveling lifestyle.


Final Countdown

So we only have 25 more days left here in Denver and it all is feeling very “real” now.  When you talk and plan something for so long, the final date kind of sneaks up on you. We are very ready though and are both slowly transitioning out of work.  My last day is next Friday 6/11/10 and Jason’s is the following week 6/18/10.  Jason hired (he is in HR so he does some of the hiring) his replacement last week, she starts today I believe, and my replacement, Alison, has slowly been working into my accounts over the last month or so.   So far all those details have fallen into place really well.

We have already started organizing and packing some items as we can.  We are having a big garage sale next weekend to sell off most of our stuff and as we sort through that, we are trying to box up things we are currently not using and can live without for the next few weeks.  Jason’s boss, Maggie, has offered to store all of our items in her basement for free, which is a huge cost savings for us.  Last night we took our first round of bins and boxes over there.  Thank you Maggie!  Maggie and some of Jason’s other co-workers also deserve a mention here because last week while attending a Rockies baseball game, this sign below scrolled across the billboard after ever inning. What a wonderful send off from Jason’s work, it was definitely one of the coolest things anyone has ever done!

Billboard at Rockies Game

Building Our Site

So we haven’t been on here in a bit, things have been busy with work changes and just major life adjustments.  With a recent trip to Phoenix and Flagstaff, my (Becky’s) brother graduated from NAU and we also enjoyed some work and family time.  We had a wonderful trip and as usual when we came back into town, we realized our time is getting short. Becky has only 4 more weeks of work and Jason has only 5.

So with all the little/big items to be done, this website has been a great outlet for us.  It is something we are excited about continuing, and we have really been encouraged to keep it updated for our readers.  It has been a vision from the beginning of this trip.  We pondered, day-dreamed and intently read SO many great travel blogs to get to this point.  Many great writers, web designers and travelers have used the internet to share, post and intrigue their family, friends and readers.  That was something we wanted to duplicate and hope to expand when we leave.

I was proud to read that we had almost 60 hits on our blog for just one day last week, for us, that is a HUGE accomplishment and we just want to say THANK YOU to all the people who took a gander. This site would be nothing if no one was reading.

I am happy to say that just today we bought a domain name for the blog and are getting some help in the near future from our friend Matt Baumann, Jason’s good friend from HS, to “re-design” our blog.  Our new web address will be http://www.SoThereWeWere.com (don’t worry, you can still access http://www.coloradovagabonds.wordpress.com).  It may seem simple, but it was somewhat of an inside joke between us and also would be the great start to so many wonderful stories.  So there we were….riding a lion in Africa…okay, we may not been riding any lions in Africa, but we think it works.

The undertaking of this blog may seem easy, but we have quickly learned that it takes skill and some web-code to keep it alive.  We are hoping Matt and his company can help keep it interesting, so stay tuned for some exciting changes.  Thank you to Matt and his team, we are anxious for the changes to come!

Becky’s Business

As most of you already know, we leave for this RTW adventure in 69 days.  While my work, Geiger, has known about this trip for 10 months or so, the time has now come to tell my customers.  As an independent contractor for Geiger, I have the flexibility to leave and return really at anytime as long as I keep my sales numbers up.  When I decided to make this trip a reality, work was obvisouly a big thing to be leaving.  I have been with Geiger for over 5 1/2 years and this has been my only job outside of college.  It has been a big part of my life both personally and professionaly.  Geiger is truly a wonderful company to work for and everyone there has been so understanding and gracious about my departure. 

June 11th is my official last day at work and Alison, a fellow rep out of Scottsdale, AZ, will be taking over my accounts while I am gone.  I was fortunate enough to pick Alison personally to handle my business, and I know she will take wonderful care of my customers while I am gone.  She is professional, extremely organized and so personable, I have no doubt that the transition for each one of my accounts will be smooth. 

My annoucement to each customer has been a well thought out process to keep the transition as easy and effortless as possible.  I would love to be able to return next year and continue working with each and every one of them.  I thought some of you might like to see the video that is going out via email tomorrow to let everyone know this change is coming, click here to view.  Alison and I filmed this at our Scottsdale Geiger office a few months ago, we thought it would be a fun way to get everyone engaged in this adventure.  I have also invited each client out to this blog to follow along as we continue this journey.  Over the years, I have built some strong relationships with these people and hope that when they visit this site, they will learn more about me personally and our passion for travel.  I do hope they will all continue to trust in Geiger and Alison to help them after we are gone!

Shout Out #2

Becky & Stephanie in California

So I probably should have waited and combined our two “shout outs” but I am sure they all appreciate their own posting.  I am excited to say that my best friend Stephanie has also booked a flight to come meet us in Johannesburg, South Africa in mid-Oct.  This will keep us on schedule to travel across from Cape Town and meet her on the other end of SA.  We will do Kruger National Park and then up to Southern Mozambique for a week or so.  It will be a good mix of safari and beach time!

The timing for Stephanie to come is right at the end of our African adventure and we will be heading to the airport together on 11/2/10, Stephanie back to California and us onto Cairo, Egypt!  Originally, the plan was to find a direct flight from Joburg to Kathmandu and begin our Everest climb…just kidding…while we will be hiking in Nepal, it will not be up Everest, Mt Kilimanjaro is a good enough accomplishment for us!  Flights direct into Kathmandu for early November were more expensive than we thought, so we had the idea of looking into a few one-way tickets since we have nothing but time on our hands.

After a few hours of research, it was apparent we were going to be routed through the middle east no matter what so why not take advantage of that?  We decided to take a one-way flight from Joburg –>Cairo and spend 4 days exploring Egypt and then head down from Cairo–>Dubai (which we have to go through anyway) and spend 2 nights seeing how quickly we can spend our money.  After those 2 layovers, we head from Dubai–> Mumbai–>Kathmandu on 11/9/10.  All 3 stopovers ending up saving us about $200 each ticket.  While we are sure we will spend that money on those layovers, we would much rather see those sights than pay for a direct flight.  After we arrive in Kathmandu, we will head straight to Pokara and spend 3 weeks or so doing some “tea house” trekking in the himalayas!

Jason and I are VERY excited about our 2 layovers on the way to Kathmandu, they were not part of our original itinerary, but seeing the pyramids will be nothing like we have ever experienced and will be a wonderful treat on our way over to Nepal.

Shout Out!

Luke, Lindsay, Jason & Becky at a recent wedding

This is an official shout out to our friends Luke and Lindsay who booked a ticket to meet us in Namibia and then travel with us down to Cape Town, South Africa!  We have lots of people who have said they are coming to visit while we are gone, but we are very happy to hear a ticket has been booked and they are committed.

This means Jason and I better stay on schedule to arrive in Windhoek, Namibia on 9/18/10 to meet them.  We are very excited to have them come along for a part of our journey and experience some different parts of Africa.  I am sure by month 3 on the road, we will appreciate a familiar face.

Onto other news, I have sold my 4Runner which now makes us a one car couple.  We will see how that goes for the next couple months!  Jason’s car is paid off and with a hefty sum left to pay on my car, it didn’t make sense to keep it.  Plus, I made a good chunk of money off the sale and that will hopefully help sustain this adventure a little longer.  It was a happy/sad goodbye as I loved that car and wasn’t ready to get rid of it, but know it is the best thing given the situation.  Plus, not having to pay car payments and insurance on the vehicle for the next few months makes it a bit easier to swallow.

Things are moving forward

Well things are moving along as the countdown continues to tick away (103 days, 16 hours, 48 min, 5, 4, 3 seconds – but who’s counting?).   We just ordered our netbook for the road (thanks Becky’s Mom & Dad!) so we can keep up with our blogging and the thousands of pictures we will accumulate along the way.  We decided on the HP Mini 210 Series, it is compact and should be all we need to access the web and stay connected with the rest of you people back home.

We also signed up for the Charles Schwab Investor Checking account that I mentioned in a previous post to help cut down on our ATM fees while abroad.   It feels good to get some of things out of the way.  A lot of tasks have crept up on us as the time gets closer and we want to make sure all is handled before leaving.

Next step is to tackle travel medical insurance, it is confusing but necessary and is our next priority.

I feel like my postings haven’t been very exciting lately.  But don’t worry, once we leave, there will be plenty of awesome information and pictures to share!!