About Us

Costa Rica June 2006

We met in college at Northern Arizona University back in 2001. Both of us studied and graduated together with a Business Marketing degree in 2004.  After college we both ended up in Phoenix, AZ where we started our lives in the working world. Getting sick of the heat, we migrated to Denver, Colorado.  We love everything Colorado has to offer…snowboarding, hiking and camping.

After our trip, we landed back in Denver.  This will always be home and somewhere we were very excited to come back to after our trip and explore more adventures closer to here.

We both are currently back in the working world but we still try to travel to far off places whenever available.   We tend to stay true to our backpacker roots from the RTW trip, even though we could now afford to take more lavish trips.  After a long, extended trip like we did, it tends to become a part of who you are.

We’d love to find a way to do another big trip  sometime in the near future and hope to continue to post about our shorter adventures from Denver.  Too many wonderful places to still explore!  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Becky and Jason,
    I just spent time down at the Jersey shore with your Mom and Dad.
    Your trip is alittle more exciting than my vacation.
    Have a great time. Keep blogging and BE CAREFUL.
    That’s the Italian mother in me

  2. the blog’s are just about done and I for one am sorry to see them go….just loved reading about all the adventures!!

    so glad you hooked up with us in Hawaii for our 30th wedding anniversay, you both added so much to our celebration

    love and miss you much, have fun with Laura for a few weeks and travel safe up to Colorado


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